The Frankenstein Chronicles

The Frankenstein Chronicles

Digital Trends has a cool trailer for an upcoming series titled The Frankenstein Chronicles starring showbiz’s foremost corpse, Sean Bean. They are reporting that A&E has picked up the British-produced six-episode series, which reimagines the Frankenstein mythos as a 19th century crime drama. The show will follow a London inspector on the trail of Victor Frankenstein, the Monster — or possibly both. What’s intriguing is that this series takes place in world where Mary Shelley and her novel also exist. The Frankenstein Chronicles won’t be the first story to explore that idea, but it still looks to give added wrinkles to the proceedings.

The Frankenstein Chronicles was created by director and writer Benjamin Ross and writer Barry Langford. A&E has not announced a premiere date at this time.

Source: Digital Trends

Dragon Con’s Sleepy Hollow panels

Fox’s Sleepy Hollow has always been tangential to the regular themes of this website, but I’ve grandfathered the show in because of the material it takes inspiration from. I still enjoy the show, though, and I got the chance to meet its star, Tom Mison, at Dragon Con last month. Since Mison plays Ichabod, I felt it was appropriate to have my friend Ichabod interview him. Comedy ensued.

Mison was an incredibly nice dude with no airs about himself. I also met make-up department head Corey Castellano, who put on a special presentation focusing on the show’s monsters. I didn’t have a chance to meet either Nicole Beharie (who was on the Saturday panel) or John Noble (who joined the Sunday panel).

Thanks to Tom Mison Fans for recording and uploading some of the highlights of Dragon Con 2015.

It’s scary stuff!

John B. Dutton has written an article, “Dreadpunk. It’s scary stuff,” about this website and its aesthetic. John recaps the salient points (including the tongue-in-cheek aspect) and weighs in on dreadpunk and what it means to him.

Another article is Mark Gelineau’s “Dreadpunk, or ‘Now I Have a Name for That!'” Mark wrote this almost a month ago, so apologies for linking to it so late in the game.

Thanks, John and Mark!

NYC “Crimson Peak” contest!

Crimson Peak Contest is teaming up with The Goblin Market and The Steampunk World’s Fair to offer Tri State area fans a chance to enter an advanced screening for this season’s highly anticipated horror movie Crimson Peak by visionary director Guillermo del Toro releasing world-wide on October 15th, 2015!

To enter, log into Facebook and go to The Goblin Market. Between 09/28/2015 and 10/04/2015, participants will be eligible by sharing the image that Dreadpunk friend and cohort Aristotle Pramagioulis has created (reproduced above). But that’s not all! You’ll either have to supply a two sentence horror story or a brief description of a personal ghostly encounter, along with the tag #crimsonpeak.

We will be awarding 15 general admission tickets and the top 3 will be awarded VIP tickets. Winners will be selected and contacted via social media messenger on 10/5/2015.

Winners must be able to be present in New York City, NY on October 7th at 8PM at AMC Loew’s 34th St, 312 West 34th St, New York, NY 10001. Winners will receive an email with detailed pick up directions to redeem your tickets.

Winning general admission does NOT guarantee entry and it is encouraged you arrive early before the theater reaches capacity.

Tickets cannot be exchanged for other prizes, monetary value, etc. Some exclusions may apply.

Vincent Price’s “A Hornbook for Witches”

I know that things have been slow lately, and I intend to have some new material soon. At one point I had considered changing this blog’s name so I could cast a wider net for topics, but the Dreadpunk name has become so well-liked that I’ll be sticking with it for now. Nevertheless, to celebrate the official start of Fall, here’s Vincent Price talking about witch lore and tales for nearly an hour. I remember checking this record album out from the library when I was a kid; I had nearly forgotten it until my friend Ichabod from Out Ov the Coffin reminded me.

Have fun, gang.

Happy Birthday to George R.R. Martin

Fevre Dream

George R.R. Martin was born Sept. 20, 1948. He is, of course, best-known as the author of A Song of Ice and Fire, the novel series being adapted as Game of Thrones on HBO. However, to me, George R. R. Martin is “the guy who wrote Fevre Dream.” Fevre Dream is a vampire novel set on the Mississippi River during the 19th century. It’s also one of my favorites, easily in my top five vampire novels and possibly in my top three. Its epilogue is one of the most moving depictions of friendship I have ever read, regardless of genre. Speaking of that epilogue, Fevre Dream tells a complete story that does not kick off an ongoing series. I really need to revisit this wonderful novel soon. For that matter, Martin’s contemporary werewolf novella The Skin-Trade is also great and presaged a lot of urban fantasy.

Tom the Impaler

Tom the Impaler

Never forget: the Son of the Dragon walks among us… and sings for the heavy metal band Evergrey under the name Tom Englund.

Scary Mary

News broke earlier that Disney will be mining P.L. Travers’ works again for a sequel (of sorts) to Mary Poppins. I think we can all agree that the parody trailer above is the movie that we would rather see. Eva Green or Tilda Swinton would be “practically perfect” as a new, scary Mary Poppins.

Just Old Dolls Emporium

Just Old Dolls Emporium

Longtime friend of Aristotle Pramagioulis has some new shirts and art prints available through Egregore Art and Design.

No, nothing creepy to see here.

“Crimson Peak” Pop! Vinyls Released

Crimson Peak Pop Vinyl

I’m behind on mentioning these, but Funko has released a series of their popular Pop! Vinyl figures based on Crimson Peak. I’m including a photo of the figure of Tom Hiddleston’s character instead of the ghost because said spectre’s identity may sort-of be a mild spoiler (though one easily guessed from the trailers I’ve seen). You can see all three of the Crimson Peak figures on Funko’s blog here.

Image source: Theres No Escaping the Ghosts of the Past in Crimson Peak


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